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About Yolo Moves

It started as a passion for dancing while mowing my lawn, shoveling snow, working out with my trainer a few times a week, etc... Anything that meant I had to move, meant I was having fun while I danced my little heart into being happy. Then it happened... I not only loved the dancing but my body started to change and all of a sudden I felt great, lots of energy and I had curves again for the first time in 25 years. I quickly realized that Zumba and exercising was my reason for the happiness in my heart but more so for my new body.


One of my biggest and most precious passion is dancing with my Special Needs community.   I love sharing the music and Zumba formula with my community.  Music is a universal language and through music, you can connect to a world of happiness.  To see their progress from no movement to instructing a class, just proves that anyone can do Zumba and fall in love just as I did.


I want to share this same success with you and Zumba you into a new body and share the happiness it will bring you.


Passion for dance, Zumba for happiness...



Come dance with me...




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